Strolling through Prague

Prague is one of the attractive cities in Europe that any traveler should include on his or her itinerary. Situated on the Vltava River, the capital of the Czech Republic was also the capital of the Kingdom of Bohemia. Prague was not only the residence of important historical figures such as Charles IV, but it has also been a political, economic and cultural center in Europe.

One can get to Prague through various means. A train trip from Vienna, for example, can be quite convenient and economical. Trains in the Czech Republic run on time, and are neat. The central station in Prague is huge and has many shops and “eateries.”

Old town square

A quick visit to Prague can include the Old Town Square, the Astronomical Clock (one of the oldest still in working condition and is located in the Old Town Square) Charles Bridge and the Castle.

The astronomical clock in the Old Town Square dates back from the 15th century, featuring an astronomical dial that represents the positions of the sun and moon as well as showing many other details. It is a remarkable monumental piece that is not only technically admirable but is also also exquisite. A few things can be more exciting to see than a clock that is centuries old and is in working condition.

Spectators watching the peacock in the “zahrada.”

Charles Bridge, dating also from the 15th century, was an important connection between the Old Town and the Castle. Named after Charles IV, the bridge is made of stone and has several arches. Like all other edifices made from natural materials, it has a certain appeal to the eye. Walking across the bridge is quite fun because one comes across individuals or bands performing music, which turns an otherwise ordinary walk into quite an entertaining trip. Not very far from the bridge once you crossed it toward the Castle, is the Kafka Museum, which might be of interest to those who are interested in his life and work. The only drawback that needs to be mentioned regarding the museum is interior lighting which, in my opinion, could be better.

The Castle is the seat of the President, and is a major tourist attraction. Walking up to the castle is quite pleasant, although not everyone might equally enjoy a long walk uphill. One of the pleasant aspects of such a walk is the chance to view the local architecture up close. It is also possible to take a break along the way and have lunch and enjoy a glass of wine at one of the restaurants. The castle itself is immense and is located on a large area overlooking the city.

The Bridge Band playing great jazz. The guy on the right is certainly enjoying himself, and you can tell he likes what he is doing.

The prices in the Czech Republic are reasonable. Czech beer is great; anybody who appreciates good beer will probably enjoy having a few glasses while taking a break.

Such a short review no doubt falls short of doing justice to Prague, which is rich in history and culture. However, my purpose was simply to explain some of my impressions for potential visitors.


Kültür Erozyonu

Fotografta görülen lokantanın tabelası, Türkiye’de kültür erozyonunun varmış olduğu noktayı, kültürel kişiliksizliği ve cehaleti gösteriyor. Bu ve benzeri tablolar, şu anda içinde bulunulan siyasi karışıklık da göz önüne alınarak değerlendirilecek olursa, Türkiye’nin yakın gelecekte ne kadar abuk subuk bir ülke olacağı, her şeyin ne kadar sürreal olacağı çok net olarak görülür.

Zırvalığın fotografıdır.
Zırvalığın fotografıdır.

Bu tabela kültürel kişiliksizliği gösterir çünkü Istanbul’un turistik olmayan bir semtinde, hiç de gerekmediği halde İngilizce bir tabela kullanma çabası var. Kültürel erozyon var, çünkü hem Türkçe, hem de İngilizce sözcükler zırva bir biçimde bir araya getirilmiş. Cehalet de var çünkü “ızgara” ve “yemek” ayrı ve farklı kategorilermiş gibi “Izgara ve yemek evi” ibaresi kullanılmış.

Dam üstünde saksağan, vur beline kazmayı!